Sonakshi On Ramayan Mistake, “Disheartening That People Still Troll Me Over One Honest Mistake”

The Bollywood on-screen character Sonakshi Sinha has become a most loved objective of trollers after she couldn’t offer the response of an inquiry in the test show Kaun Banega Crorepati. The inquiry was identified with Ramayan and individuals ridiculed her more on the grounds that the house that she lives in has been named as Ramayan, her dad is named after the name of Lord Ram’s sibling Shatrughan and her siblings Luv and Kush are named after the children of Lord Ram

Most definitely, it was requested whom Lord Hanuman brought the Sanjeevani herb and Sonakshi who showed up in the show alongside another member had no clue about the appropriate response and they took life saver to respond to this inquiry. From that point forward, trollers didn’t pass up on even a solitary possibility of trolling her and she was hauled by and by when the Indian government chose to re-run a portion of the famous shows of the past including Ramayan.

While conversing with Sri Ravi Shankar, the author of Art of Living, Sonakshi discussed that second and acknowledged that it was very humiliating that she couldn’t address the inquiry as Ramayan has been a necessary piece of their adolescence.

She further said that it was one of those snapshots of her life when she got clear and now and then we as a whole go clear so what the serious deal in it is. She communicated her desolation and said that it harms her when individuals despite everything troll her for one innocent slip-up.

Sonakshi likewise hammers the trollers by saying that as opposed to taking in exercises from Ramayan, these individuals are trolling her. She said that Lord Ram showed everybody how to improve as a child, spouse, father and a superior individual however these individuals are not concentrating on those lessons.

What’s your opinion of the announcement given by Sonakshi Sinha with respect to her getting trolled?

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